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Updated & New Books Listed:  17 February 2013

Jets & Models Guide.  Paul Del Gatto.  The classic text for Dyna-Jet, MEW, Tiger, and other pulsejet engines for modeling, plus details about Jetex rocket motors.  Originally published by Aristo-Craft Distinctive Miniatures (NY, 1967), with more than 30 illustrations, including several technical drawings, full aeromodelling plans and "3-view," performance graphs, and model photos, complete in one volume.  Includes 15 pages on the evolution and development of the V-1, PJ-31, Minijet, Dyna-Jet, Marquardt MA-16, Saunders-Roe pulsejets, SNECMA "Valveless Resojet," M.E.W. 307, Tiger-Jet L-1 and M-1, Ogawa O.S. Type II, Jaggers Juggernaut, Decojet, BMW RT.2000, Brauner, Victoria MD.1, Hagiwara's Eureka jet, SAAB J35, and other jets for aeromodelling.  Instructions for the Tiger Jet M-1 and M-2 engines, covering structure, operation, starting equipment, fuel, starting, troubleshooting, and technical specifications.  34 pages about Jetex, including 53 drawings, plans, illustrations, tables, and photos.  One section is devoted to the Psst "50" Mark II motor.  A final chapter is devoted to ballistic rocket models, with some good information on aerodynamics and trajectories, center of gravity, fin alignment, construction hints, and electrical ignition systems.  Circuit diagrams are provided for building a simple but effective battery-ignition system and firing panel.  This volume is one of the few anywhere devoted to micro pulsejets, such as the DynaJet.  Hard to find.  Book reviewed here.  44 pages, $14.95 

Russian Pulsejet Engines and Pulsejet-Powered Model Airplanes: 1948 - 1958.  Vyacheslav Borodin.  Most complete text we've ever seen about small pulse-jet engines for model airplanes, racing cars, and boats.  It's written in Russian, but don't let that stop you: the drawings, tables, charts, and plans are worth the price of the book.  Covers all aspects of pulse jet reaction engines, with exceptionally detailed plans, engineering drawings, graphs, tables, and charts for several models and their component parts.  Includes both design theory (with all the key pulse cycle formulas and mathematical equations) and practical fabrication descriptions.  specifications and fine engineering drawings for many Russian, Japanese, US, and other European engines--with dimensions, performance tables, fuel tanks and fuel feed schematics).  103 pages, $21.95.  

All About Jetex.  Paul Del Gatto.  The all-time classic about micro rocket propulsion for models, with 66 illustrations, including more than 20 technical drawings, 24 full plans, 22 simplified plan drawings (3-view), 4 performance graphs, and 4 model photos, complete in one volume. Book reviewed here.  48 pages, $12.95.  

Building Jetex Models.  Paul Del Gatto.  Another classic Jetex modeling book from the 1960s, with more than 30 illustrations, including several technical drawings, full aeromodelling plans and "3-view," performance graphs, and model photos, complete in one volume.  Very similar to the Paul Del Gatto "All About Jetex" book (c. 1960), which duplicates some of this material.  Book reviewed here.  44 pages, $12.95 


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