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"Collection of Twelve Solid Rocket Propellant Technical Papers"

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Collection of Twelve Solid Rocket Propellant Technical Papers

Patents, Articles, and Reports from Various Sources

This is a collection of various important documents, all of a related theme.

There are a total of 125 pages, measuring 8.5 x 5.5-inches.  Printed with a high-resolution laser printer (not photocopied) on high-quality, bright-white, acid-free paper for years of reference use. 

Except for the Canadian patent, these are in crisp, clear, typography!  Very sharp images -- not cheap photocopies. 

These documents are from the private collection of a Nevada rocket scientist, now retired.  When they're gone, they're gone!

  • Asphaltic Thermoplastic Propellants:  Describes the original GALCIT JATO propellants, made from asphalt and potassium perchlorate; suggests new and better ways to make similar propellants from inexpensive, common chemicals.
  • Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate and Various Inorganic Additives:  Describes using copper and chromium oxides (and others), other perchlorates, other ammonium salts, etc.  US Naval Weapons Center investigations.  Formerly classified material, highly-detailed and accurate.  Highly detailed, with 64 references, plus tables, charts, graphs.  A valuable resource of information.
  • Burning Rate of Solid Propellant Ingredients -- Pressure and Initial Temperature Effects:  Another document by US Naval Weapons Center scientists and engineers.  Highly detailed, with 64 references, plus tables, charts, graphs.  A valuable resource of information.  In-depth studies, for the serious chemical engineer, chemist, or rocket scientist, mostly highly-secret until recently declassified.  A thick report.
  • Burning Rate Modifier Effects on a High Rate Tactical Propellant:  A document by Thiokol scientists.  Covers a variety of modern composite propellants, and their ingredients. 
  • Small Motor Measurement Method for Determining Burning Rate of Solid Rocket Propellants:By Yugoslavian engineers, with detailed engineering drawings, charts, graphs, and excellent information on "how to do" this important part of propellant characterization!  A must-have for the serious experimenter!
  • U.S. Patent:  Solid Propellant Containing Ferrocene Plasticizer: Formulation details for advanced composite propellants, using a variety of fuels/binders.  Dated 1977.
  • Canadian Patent -- Thermoplastic Polymer Propellant Compositions:  A thick, heavy patent, describing the use of ethylene copolymer (vinyl acetate) in moisture-curable propellants.  Includes methods of manufacture.  Very good report!
  • Effects of Oxidizer Particle Size on Propellants Based on Modified Polyvinyl Chloride:Mainly about "Flexolite-series" propellants, based on modified PVC as binder, with AP oxidizer.  Includes both with and without aluminum additives.
  • Characteristic Properties of an End Burning Grain with Smoke Reduced Ferrocene Containing Composite Propellant:  A document in English, French, and German, by scientists at the Nobel Dynamite Laboratories.  Includes once-secret exact propellant formulations!  Very good information.
  • Effect of Binders on the Burning Rate of AP Composite Propellants:  Another English, German, French document, this one from Asahi Chemical Industry, Japan.  Detailed and hard-to-find data about HTPB, PPG, PS, and other modern solid propellants.  Excellent text!
  • Fast Burning Rocket Propellants Based on Silicone Binders:  Focuses on AP and PDMS binders, easily adapted to "amateur" experiments. 
  • Sensitivity of Solid Rocket Motors to Electrostatic Discharge -- History & Future:Investigates and discusses the hazards in handling these potentially dangerous units, summarizing 25-years of study and research.  Includes many test results from French scientists.

These documents will be of interest to the serious rocket experimenter, pyrotechnician, fireworks hobbyist, and amateur scientist.  They're loaded with technical graphs, charts, tables, formula, compositions, etc etc.  This is high-class, high-quality, hard-to-find information!  125 pages in all (looseleaf, unbound), $19.95

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