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"A Method for Sizing Booster Charges in Pyrotechnic Mechanisms"

Laurence J. Bement, NASA Langley Research Center

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A Method for Sizing Booster Charges in Pyrotechnic Mechanisms

Laurence J. Bement, NASA Langley Research Center

An in-depth report, the first of its kind, on sizing booster charges to assure functional margins in pyrotechnically actuated devices.  While it focuses on charges for pyro-valves, the data and information are very useful for anyone working with pyro-actuated devices.

In designing pyrotechnic devices, the pyrotechnic charge must be sized to deliver more energy than is required to assure that a functional margin is achieved.  This set of experiments used an Apollo pyrovalve, the same valve with a modification, and a steel test valve.  Data show the energy delivered by several select booster charge quantities.

The text describes the test hardware in great detail, along with fine engineering drawings.  The cartridge (with an internal charge of 130 mg) and booster charges used are described as well.  Experimental and analytical procedures are discussed, as well as discussions of the various tests and data analysis. 

The report also gives several technical references for additional investigation, tables with energy measurements from the tests, several valve drawings, and many force-versus-time traces of test results.  You'll value the several fine, NASA-quality engineering drawings that supplement the technical material:

Typical illustrations from the book (smaller than actual size)

Prepared at the NASA Langley Research Center, this valuable book gives much of the practical information you need to design and build a high-technology, state-of-the-art pyrotechnic actuated devices.  It’s packed with accurate information for the professional (and “amateur”) rocket scientist, engineer, technician, fireworks maker, explosives chemist, and experimenter.  If you design, build, test, or fly serious rockets or missiles (or make fireworks, explosives, or propellants), you'll want this superb reference document. 

Very hard to find, this limited edition has been republished by the Rocket Science Institute.  It's sharp, and clearly printed with a high-resolution laser printer (not photocopied) on high-quality, bright-white, 24-pound, acid-free paper for years of reference use.  12 pages, large and easy-to-read 11" x 8-1/2" size.  $9.95

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